How do I configure my Android device for email?

Configuring Android Mail



First, open your mail application. Go to your "apps" and tap on the icon that looks something like this:


Example of Android email icon


You'll be shown several options for what type of account you want to create. Choose "other".


Account types


Enter your email address and password, and tap "Manual Setup".


Manual Setup


Choose "IMAP Account".


IMAP is intended to work with multiple devices, and will synchronize your email between them. It also keeps a backup copy on our servers. POP on the other hand, unless it is specifically configured not to, will download all emails to the device, will only store them on the device, and will not synchronize between devices. That means that if your device is lost, damaged, or stolen, all your email goes with it; so use IMAP.


IMAP Account


Replace "" with your email address, and enter your own password. Other than that, all settings should exactly match the ones shown here.


Incoming server settings - IMAP Server:; Port: 143; Security Type: None.


Aside from username (your full email address again) and password, your outgoing settings should exactly match the ones shown here.


Outgoing Server Settings - SMTP Server:; Port: 587; Security Type: None; Require Sign In: YES.


Optional Settings

You can research & adjust these settings to fit your needs, the ones shown here are optimal for an account that receivea a lot of email. If you choose a longer period to sync email, it may slow down features of your mail app such as the ability to search your inbox.


Optional Settings





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