What is AutoScale?

AutoScale works with AutoTune and constantly monitors the health of your SmartVPS.  If it detects a traffic surge it will upgrade your service level to ensure that your visitors continue to experience fast page loads no matter what.

How do I enable AutoScale?

To enable AutoScale login to https://dashboard.brownrice.com then click VPSs -> yourvpsname.com Manage -> then turn AutoScale from Off to On.

How will I know if AutoScale is working?

You'll receive emails when AutoScale is invoked.  These emails will include an explanation of why AutoScale was invoked, so you'll always be aware of what's happening.  

How much does AutoScale Cost?

AutoScale is free and will upgrade your SmartVPS to the next service level when its invoked.  So be sure to log back in to https://dashboard.brownrice.com and downgrade your SmartVPS after the traffic surge has passed.  Upgrades and Downgrades during the same day are free.  Upgrades and Downgrades that span more than one night have their costs prorated and are usually very inexpensive.

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