How do I configure Thunderbird for email

Mozilla Thunderbird Email Settings

Download Thunderbird here .

Step One:
Open Thunderbird and click Email.

Step Two:
In the prompt that appears, click Skip this and use my existing email.

Step Three:

Enter your Name as you would like others to see it when you send an email, then enter your full email address and password and click Continue.

Step Four:
Thunderbird  will try to automatically identify and populate the fields.  Once it completes, click on Manual config.

 Step Five:
For both incoming and outgoing Server hostname enter, then enter your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS in incoming and outgoing Username fields.  

Then click Re-test, if this passes the test, click Done.  If this fails the test, please double check your username/password/hostname settings and try again.

Ta-Da!  You are now done and can start sending and receiving emails!

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