How do I upload my web pages to my web site?


So you've created a few web pages on your computer but you don't know how to get them onto your web site.  What do you do? 

First,we recommend that you have a professional web developer do this for you, or at least help you.  We can give you names of good ones if you like.

However, if you are technically savvy, and patient, read on...

You'll need to upload or transfer your newly created page to your web site on our servers.

Generally, the best way to acheive this is by using an FTP (File Transfer Protocal) program to transfer your files from your computer to your web site.  There are many free FTP programs available for free on the internet.  Here are a couple:

FileZilla (for PC's)

Fetch (for Mac's)

There are many more .  Additionally, many web development software packages - such as Dreamweaver - have FTP software built into them.  Any should work.

Once you've selected your FTP software and downloaded and installed it on your computer you'll need to open it and enter the settings that we sent you within your "your site is on the Brownrice Servers!" email.  Scanning this email will show you your FTP settings.  If you don't have it contact us and we'll send it to you again.

We can't do this for you as each FTP program is different.  However, the essential idea is this:  You'll need to get the html pages and images from your computer and drag them all into the "docs" directory on your web site via FTP.

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