What is the embed code for my web cam?

Our web camera video player is a fully responsive HTML5 video player with a Flash fallback and is compatible with every modern browser and mobile device.   


  • In the examples below you'll replace [STREAMNAME] with the camera name that we provided you when you signed up for service.
  • If your site has trouble taking JavaScript code (Wordpress sites) use the iframe player code in Example 2.
  • You can also login to https://dashboard.brownrice.com then navigate to Streaming -> [STREAMNAME] Manage -> View Embed Code to pick up your exact embed code.
  • Also from within the Dashboard you can replace the BRI logo with your own, enable AutoStart, and set the Video Timeout settings.

JavaScript Player:

<script id="bri_cam_1" class="bri_embed" src="https://live2.brownrice.com?sn=STREAMNAME&em=1"></script>

iFrame Player (use for Wordpress and CMSs that don't allow JavaScript):

<iframe src="https://live2.brownrice.com/embed/STREAMNAME height="100%" width="100%" allowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen></iframe>

List of Camera Options

(most of these options can be controlled via our dashboard or via embed code parameters below)

  • em - the camera number. Must be supplied, even for just 1 camera
  • autostart - set the stream to autostart when page loads
  • timeout - set video timeout in seconds (default is 600)
  • height - set height of player. can be specified in pixels, em, or percent (but the percent-sign needs to be url-encoded: '%25'!)
  • width - set width of player. can be specified in pixels, em, or percent (but the percent-sign needs to be url-encoded: '%25'!)
  • roomforcontrols - show the camera-controls the video player
  • image - link to pre-load image to display when video is not playing
  • logo - link to logo to display in top-right corner of player
  • logo2 - link to logo to display in top-left corner of player
  • logo3 - link to logo to display in the camera-controls bar

Example, turn autostart on:

<script id="bri_cam_1" class="bri_embed" src="https://live2.brownrice.com?sn=STREAMNAME&em=1&autostart=true"></script>

Example,  force height and width of player:

<script id="bri_cam_1" class="bri_embed" src="https://live2.brownrice.com?sn=STREAMNAME&em=1&height=640&width=480"></script>
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