How do I upgrade or downgrade my SmartVPS?

  • With an email address that is associated with Brownrice hosting account login to our Dashboard:
  • Once Logged in click VPSs -> Manage (green button) -> Upgrade this VPS
  • Use the slider to change resources either up or down.
  • done

Within 5 minutes you'll receive an email from our systems saying that your SmartVPS has been upgraded and re-turned for added performance.  Once that's received then you'll know that the upgrade has been completed.

Billing notes: 

If you upgrade and then downgrade again before 4am then there will be no charges.  4am is when our billing system looks for changes and then prorates the service charges through the quarter.  So same-day upgrades and downgrades are free.

If you upgrade for longer than a day, then downgrade a few days later, it won't cost much either, since the charges will be appropriately prorated in both directions.

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