What is SmartVPS AutoTune?

Brownrice’s SmartVPS AutoTune service continually collects over 30 VPS performance metrics and automatically re-tunes your web and database server settings whenever anything gets out of tune so that your site's are always screaming fast.

No down-time, no slow-time, ever.

How much does this service costs?  Zero dollars. VPS Auto-Tune is free with every Brownrice Managed VPS. 

How do I turn this on?  Its enabled by default for all of VPS customers.

How do I turn this off? Login to https://dashboard.brownrice.com and click -> VPSs -> yourvps.com Manage -> Turn the AutoTune checkbox from On to Off.

How do I know this thing is on?  Your SmartVPS will email you whenever your server is re-tuned or having any issues that you need to know about.

Is there anything I need do know or do to take advantage of this?  Nope.  We do it all, in the background, without you having to do anything.  You just work on your site and we make it go fast, always.

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