What is your backup policy, SLA, and disaster recovery plan?

1. What is the uptime SLA of the environment?

The Brownrice SLA is 99.99%. View our full Terms of Service here:

2. What is the disaster recovery plan?

We utilize a second data center for remote backups and remote monitoring. In the case of catastrophic situation we would restore all data to this second data center and resume services.

3. How long is data stored, how is it backed up, and what is the backup schedule?

Nightly backups are created both locally and remotely to our 2nd data center. Nightly backups are stored for 8 nights and again on the 1st of the month. Monthly backups are stored for three months.

4. If we decide to end or not renew the contract what happens to our data?

We wipe out the data on your drives and after three months your backup data is
rotated out and removed from our backup servers.

5. Who has access to our data?

Brownrice systems administrators can access your data upon your approval in
order to fix service issues.

6. How is our data, including back up data segmented and protected?

Backup data is stored on segmented, private networks and are stored on physical
servers both locally and in our remote data center.

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