What is the difference between an email "forward" account and a regular email account?

Note:  While our forwarding works great we can't guarantee email forwarding to outside servers (Gmail, AOL, and Earthlink in particular) as forwarded email is often tagged as spam.  We highly discourage setting up forwards to outside providers.


Email Administration

An email address listed in your list of Forwards  is not a true email account.  These are also free.  A forward also just receives email and immediately sends it off to the final, and real, destination.  You can never set up an email program to check this type of address nor can you check it via webmail.  Most people use this type of address for "non-real" addresses such as "info" and "support" so that email can be redirected to different, or multiple, real addresses at will.

An address listed in your list of Email Accounts with a forward in it is a true email account and is $1 per month.  You can turn forwarding on or off and check this type of account via webmail or an email program.    You can also set this type of account up to both forward and to keep a copy on the server (so that you can view it with webmail) by clicking the "Save a Copy" checkbox under the "Forward To:" option.



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