How do I delete my VPS?

If you have a managed dedicated server you can follow the instructions below to delete your own VPSs.  If you do not have a dedicated server you'll need to send an email to and have us delete your VPS for you.

For managed and dedicated / privatevz customers follow these steps to permanently delete your VPS

  1. Login to
  2. Click Dedicated
  3. Click Manage next to the name of your privatevz/dedicated server.
  4. Click VPS Resources to view a list of all of the VPSs on your server.
  5. Click the red Delete button and follow the instructions.

Please note that this is a permanent function.  While we can restore deleted VPSs from our backups for 10 days the IP will be placed back in our available pool and the IP may be re-assigned to another customer.  Addtionally, after 10 days there will be no way to retrieve any of the data on that was on the deleted VPS.

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