How do I review my VPS's performance data?

Brownrice VPS performance data

Brownrice continuously collects over 30 data points (CPU, Sendmail, Apache, MySQL, RAM, etc.) from your VPS and uses this data to keep your VPS automatically tuned so that it is performing as fast as possible at all times.  However, there can be instances where no matter how finely tuned your VPS is your web application still runs slowly.  This can be the result of poorly written code or it can be caused by a legitimate increase in traffic.  In these situations it can be extremely helpful for a web developer to view the raw peformance data that we collect.

To view performance data:

  • Login to with an email address that is associated with a Brownrice account. (Click the Password Reset link to get yourself a password.)
  • Once logged into our Dashboard click -> VPSs -> Manage (green button) -> Performance Graphs.
Your Performance Graphs display data from the last hour, 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.
You can view Load Averages, Memory Usage (by type), Swap, Disk, Bandwidth, Apache, and MySQL graphs.  Keys explaining each graph can be seen below each graph.
To view Raw VPS data click on the Raw Data tab, which will display the actual values for the most important data points.
To view a VPS Snapshot click the small "eye" icon within any Raw Data column to see what was happening with the web server, database server, load (via top), and sendmail were doing at any time.

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