IDX for developers

For an overview of what IDX is, and what options are available to end-users, read this.

IDX Information For Developers

Our IDX system is a comprised of a straight-forward (i.e. simple) MySQL database that is updated with the latest Taos MLS data each morning at approximately 4am Mountain Time.

You, the developer, have nearly free reign to customize your client's web site with the look and functionality that you see fit as long as you comply with the Taos MLS IDX rules (contact the Taos MLS office for these rules.)

If you'd like you can download the code that runs the IDX link site, by clicking here and extracting the .tar.gz file.

Also, you can download the mobile version of the IDX link site, by clicking here and extracting the .tar.gz file.

Enclosed in both of the tar archives is PHP and/or JavaScript code (the mobile version uses JQuery Mobile extensively) which may speed up your development process.  You'll need to contact us and request a valid IDX Enhanced MySQL username and password (yes, you'll need a client who is ready to sign up for us to provide this info.) and the IP address of the site that you'll be connecting from.

The IDX MySQL database is very straightforward. 

Example connnect info:

Database Name: taos_mls
Username: (The IDX Enhanced username that your client was given)
Password: (The IDX Enhanced password that your client was given)

This info will be entered into the /include/ file that you downloaded from the sample scripts above.

phpMyAdmin is here:

Note: Your MySQL connection will NOT work unless we open up the IP address of the web site that you are connecting from!

A brief layout of the tables:

taos_mls Tables

addendums Linked by MLS id.  Added information about a listing.  Note:  There may be more than one addendum per listing.

feature_keys Relational table which links special_features and feature_categories to listings.  Indexed on id and MLS number.

feature_categories Relational table.  See feature_keys and special_features tables.

images Listing images.  Linked by MLS id.  Includes links to full sized (link field), web resized (resized field), and a thumbnail (thumb).

listing_commercial Commercial listing data.  Indexed on MLS id.  Very straigh tforward table.

listing_land Land listing data.  Indexed on MLS id.  Very straightforward table.

listings_multi_family Multi-unit listings.  Indexed on MLS id.  Fields beds* and baths* related to units 1 through 5.

listings_residential Residential Home listings.  Indexed on MLS id.  Very straightforward table.

special_features Relational table that links MLS numbers to special features.  See feature_keys and feature_category tables.

If you have quesitons regarding this database feel free to call or email us any time!

Please note:  You MUST follow the rules of the Taos MLS IDX when displaying listing data on a client's web site.  Please contact the Taos MLS office and they will provide you with the IDX rules.

Thank you and have fun!

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