How do I upload a video advertisement and so that viewers will see that before my web camera live stream?

First, you'll need to contact us to setup a $9.95 per month Video On Demand (VOD) service in your account.

Once the VOD service is in place you'll login to and click Streaming -> vodservice -> Manage -> Upload Video. 

Note: You can upload as many .mp4 videos to your VOD service account.

Once your video is uploaded you can view it via the dashboard or optionally embed it into any web site with the embed code.

However, what you are really wanting to do is to add this VOD to a playlist.

So after your VOD is uploaded you'll click:

-> Playlist Editor button -> + Add Stream button -> vodservice -> and then select the video you've just uploaded.

Now your VOD is in your playlist.  You can drag it to the front of your playlist to play it first (or in any order.)

Be sure to click the Save Playlist button before the Test Playlist button to see how it looks.

Finally, while watching the playlist click the Embed link to get the embed code to place this playlist in your site.

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