How do I forward my email to another account?

Note:  While our forwarding works great we can't guarantee email forwarding to outside servers (Gmail, AOL, and Earthlink in particular) as forwarded email is often tagged as spam.  We highly discourage setting up a forward to another provider.


Log into .

  1. Your Username is the first half of your e-mail address (to the left of the @ symbol).
  2. Your Domain Name is the second half of your e-mail address (to the right of the @ symbol).
  3. Your Password is the password that you use to check your email.

Once logged in...

  1. Check the box next to Forward To:
  2. Fill in the email address that you'd like to forward your email to
  3. Click the "Modify User" button at the bottom of the page


Note:  If you'd like to keep a copy of the email on your brownrice account (not recommended unless you know what you are doing as it'll fill up your account quickly) then select the "Save a Copy" check box.


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