How do I add new VPSs to my managed dedicated server?

Log in to with your billing email (that's probably the one where we sent these instructions)

Once logged in click: Dedicated -> Manage -> Spawn New VPS on this Server (brown button on right side of screen).

dnter the hostname (the primary domain you'll be hosting on this VPS), and choose your operating system. You'll most likely want to use "bri-core-6-php7". Now click "Next".

Assign as much RAM and CPU as you like (2G RAM and 1 CPU is more than enough for a simple Wordpress site), and you're done!

Give it a few minutes to spin up, and you'll see the VPS under the VPSs section of your dashboard. You can dd / remove FTP / SSH users, MySQL databases, and even install Wordpress right from the VPS page.


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