How do I migrate my website from shared-hosting to an existing VPS?

First, please know that Brownrice will migrate one customer site per service free of charge for new customers.  We're very good at this and happy to do it.

However, if you are migrating multiple sites on your own, say, into a VPS or dedicated server, these are the instructions that we use:


  1. Connect to current site via FTP and look at the wp-config.php file to see your database credentials: database name, username, password. Write these down/paste them into notepad.

  2. Log into the phpMyAdmin for the old site via the Brownrice Dashboard, and take an export of the database, using these instructions: How do I export or backup a database?

  3. Log into the phpMyadmin for the new VPS,

  4. Click 'Users' from the menu bar, then click 'Add user'

  5. Enter the exact same username and password, and select Localhost for Host

  6. Check 'Create database with same name and grant all priveleges' under 'Database for User'.

  7. Click 'Go' on the bottom-right.

  8. Click the name of your new database on the left.

  9. Click 'Import' from the menu-bar.

  10. Choose File, and upload the .sql file you downloaded in step 2.

  11. Click Go.



  1. Download all your site files (everything inside /home/domains/ via FTP.

  2. In The Brownrice Dashboard, Manage the VPS by clicking VPSs -> Manage.
  3. Click 'Web Sites' on the right, then click 'Add new Web Site or Subdomain to this VPS'.

  4. Enter the full website name:, and click 'Add Site'.

  5. Click 'FTP/SSH users' and create a new FTP user for the VPS.

  6. Connect via FTP to the VPS (use the IP address, shown next to 'Assigned IPs' in the VPS details, as the hostname).

  7. Upload all your site files to /home/domains/

  8. In the Dashboard, click Web Sites, scroll down to, and click the Reset link to reset file-permissions.

  9. After that everything should be in place.  You can take a look at the site on the VPS by adding the following lines to your /etc/hosts file on your local machine (google for instructions for your local machine OS):

    {IP address of the VPS}
    {IP address of the VPS}
  10. Once you've verified the site looks good, you can update the DNS A record to point to thenew IP address, and the site will be live on the VPS!
  11. Contact us to have us remove the shared-hosting account.




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