How do I set up a second site or domain name to point to my main web site?


Here are the steps to set up second domain name as an alias for your primary domain:

Lets call your primary site, and the alias site

  1. Change the Nameservers of to point to and
    • Your domain registrar will need to do this, be it or someone else.
  2. In the brownrice dashboard, add '' to the list of aliases:
    • Go to VPSs (or Site & Email hosting) tab, click 'Manage' next to
    • Click 'Websites' and click '(edit)' under the list of aliases for
    • Add '' and '', space-separated, to the list of aliases.
  3. Set-up DNS for the new alias:
    • Click the 'DNS' tab.
    • Click 'Add DNS Domain
    • Enter '' for the Domain Name. Select the IP Address starting with 172 that has ' -'
    • Click 'Add Domain

That's it!

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