How do I set up a second site or domain name to point to my main web site?

 Here are the steps to set up second domain name as an alias for your primary domain:

Lets call your primary site, and the alias site The site is probably the name of your VPS if you only have a couple of websites.

Log in to, and navigate to VPS Hosting > Manage > Websites

Add a new website, called "" or whatever your alias will be.

The alias site will now appear in your list of websites, and you'll see an option to edit the document root. Change the document root of your alias website so it matches the document of your primary website, i.e. /home/domains/

That's it! Your domain is now aliased, and it'll even get free SSL certificates automatically installed. That takes a bit of time, usually about half an hour, so just be patient.

If your alias is a newly purchased domain, or if you're just now pointing it to our servers, you'll probably need to set up DNS:

If that sounds scary or you're just not sure, just email and we can tell you very quickly.

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