How do I redirect my domain to another domain, or to a specific URL? How do I forward my domain? How much does it cost?

It's easy, and it's free! Read on...

1) Make sure you have DNS set up for your domain (MUST be using Brownrice Name Servers)

See also: How do I set up DNS?

2) Log in to

3) Go to DNS in the main menu

4) Click Manage DNS next to the domain you'd like to redirect

5) Edit the A record of the URL that you'd like to redirect from and change the type to be a REDIRECT type,  Then add the URL that you'd like to point it to in the Address field.

6) Save.  Done.  (See also: How do I modify DNS records?)

Note that it can take a few hours this change to propagate around the internet.

More info:

You'll often find a similar process referred to as "forwarding", or "web forwarding". The correct way to address this is by using a 301 (permanent) or 302 (temporary) redirect to the appropriate resource, so the correct address is shown to the user in their browser, which is exactly what you will achieve by following the steps outlined in this article.

We do not provide "masking" (framed forwarding, or masked forwarding) which involves obfuscating the address of a target web page by embedding it in an HTML frame element in a page hosted under a different domain. This approach has no SEO benefit, and can lead to a frustrating end user experience. Of course if you have a good reason to do this, you can host unlimited domains, and subdomains on your SmartVPS for free, and implement that code yourself as you see fit.

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