What's the difference between at "hit" and a "visit?"

Whenever someone loads a page from your web site, he or she is being sent the text on the page as well as each grahic and javascript file that is included within the page. So if your page has six graphics and two javascript files in it then your server's log files actually register nine "hits" when the page is loaded: one for the page plus one for each graphic and one for each javacript include.  So "hits" are  very misleading, while "visits" are a much clearer indication of the amount of traffic your web site is getting.

When the Web began and people started boasting about how many hits they were getting, it quickly became obvious that you could get dozens or even hundreds of hits with a single gigantic home page.

That's where the concept of "visits" or "page requests" came from. Each is simply the request to load a single HTML page, no matter what else is on it.

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