My Wordpress site is now live on Brownrice. How do I change the temporary URL to my URL?

If you've been using a temporary URL to build your site on our servers prior to it going live (e.g. you'll want to change that temporary address "" to just be ""  Here's how:

Via our Dashboard (easiest option)

  • Login to
  • Click -> VPSs -> Manage -> Web Sites
  • Find the web site you'd like to fix.
  • Click the small pencil icon to the right of Wordpress URL:
  • Enter the live URL of the website ( and click the Set button
  • Check your Wordpress site and ensure that its working correctly.
  • Done.

Via Wordpress Directly (harder but better if you don't have dashboard access)

  • Login to Wordpess:
  • Click -> Settings -> General.
  • Change both the Wordpress address and Site Address to read:
  • Click Save Changes.
  • Click Permalinks.
  • Click Save Changes (yes, you don't actually change anything on the Permalinks page, you only click Save Changes.)
  • Done.

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