How do I edit my .htaccess file (or other hidden file) via the Brownrice Filemanager?

When logged into the Brownrice Filemanager, if you open an .htaccess file by double-clicking the file it will open in a preview mode which doesn't allow you to edit it.

So how do I edit it?

Follow these steps to edit the .htaccess or other hidden file:

  1. Navigate to the file's directory, click on the file so it's selected.
  2. In the right-hand side-bar, click the 'Preview' drop-down, then click 'Choose other ...'.
  3. Choose 'Source Editor' from the list.
  4. Click 'Close' to close the file.
  5. Double click the file to re-open.  It will now open in a new tab and you can edit it!  All hidden files should now follow this behavior.

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