How do I administer my shared-hosting site?

Brownrice shared-hosting sites can be administered via the Brownrice Dashboard at


Add new subdomain to your shared-hosting site

To setup a site login to the Dashboard and then click:
  • Site & Email Hosting
  • -> Manage (green button)
  • Web sites
  • Add Subdomain (green button)
  • Type in the full subdomain, e.g.
When a subdomain is added to your site via our dashboard it's nearly ready for hosting.  The only other thing you need to do is set up DNS for the subdomain (see below).

Manage DNS

To manage DNS for your site, login to the Dashboard and then click:
  • DNS (in the menu bar)
  • yoursitename.comManage DNS (green button)
  • Edit DNS (green button)
Now you can add, edit, or remove DNS Records.
To finish setting up a subdomain you've added through the dashboard, use the following steps:
  • Select and copy the A record IP address for the main site from the existing records.
  • Click 'Add DNS Record'
  • For Host name, enter just the subdirectory (e.g. 'sub'  for
  • For Type, select CNAME
  • For Address, paste the IP Address copied in step 1.
  • For TTL, leave at 3600
  • Click Save

Create a new FTP user account

To setup a new FTP account, login to the Dashboard and then click:
  • Site & Email Hosting
  • -> Manage Web Site (green button)
  • FTP Accounts
  • Add FTP Account (green button)
  • Select a username and password.
  • Click Save

FTP to your shared site

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to upload, download, and delete files from your website.  For further instructions on using FTP in Windows, Mac, or Linux, see this set of instructions: How do I FTP into my Website?


Get MySQL root password and link to phpMyAdmin

To get the MySQL root password and a link to phpMyAdmin:
  • Login to Dashboard
  • Click Site & Email Hosting
  • Click -> Manage Web Site (green button)
  • Click Databases
  • Click the "eyeball" next to the Password field to view the MySQL root password
  • Click the phpMyAdmin link and login with user name root and the password you just viewed.


Create a cron job

Cron jobs are jobs (i.e. commands) that run at specific times/intervals.  To create a new cron job:

  • Login to Dashboard
  • Click Site & Email Hosting
  • Click -> Manage Web Site (green button)
  • Click Cron Jobs
  • Click Create New CronJob
  • Fill in all the field and click save  For more instructions on how to format cron jobs, read How do I create a Cron Job? 

Paths to important things:

Document Root (all sites live in the /home/domains directory)


phpMyAdmin (root MySQL access can be found in the Dashboard))


Site Visitor Analytics (direct link can also be found in the Dashboard)

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