Why are my Brownrice visitor statistics different than the Google Analytics stats?

Brownrice uses AWStats for its base traffic analysis with a pretty overlay.

AWStats pulls its numbers directly from your server's logs and does not filter anything.  So every human, hacker, and monitoring service is going to show up as a visit (bots are filtered from visits in AWStats but still displayed a separate area.)

Google Analytics uses Javascript and is dependent on the javascript being placed on every page of the site, the user not blocking javascript, and the connection between your site an the Google servers not be interrupted during the page load.  So GA will likely always show lower numbers.

That said, GA is much more of a "traffic analysis tool" while AWStats is more of "log analysis tool."  i.e.  The super smart folks at Google are likely to be doing a lot of good interpretation of what real traffic patterns are like on your web site - while AWStats is going to show you *everything* that is touching your web sites - bots, hackers, everything.  AWstats better for showing things like your true bandwidth usage, etc., while GA is going to give you a clearly idea of what real humans are doing on your site.

So the answer is:  Yes, the numbers are different.

Here's another fairly detailed comparison of the two tools:

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