How do I set up port forwarding to my webcam?

The general and simplistic overview to get connected to our webcam streaming service is that we need to connect to your camera from the internet to configure it and pull a single video stream from it.  We'll also need your camera's internet IP address, username and password.
The details are that we need to connect to the camera on ports 80 (web port) and 554 (rtsp video port) to do so.  Most users setup port forwarding on their modem or router to forward those two ports  to the camera, then we take it from there.  If you don't know how to do this, or don't have a tech person to help you - we'd be happy to walk you through the steps or we can set up a screen share with your computer so we can do it for you.
For example here's a tutorial on how its done with Netgear routers:
Here's a great site that shows you how to setup port forwarding on nearly any router:
And here is a tester that you can use to confirm whether the port forwarding rules you set are working correctly:
And finally, if you have confirmed that your port forwarding is working correctly, and you are technically savvy and can determine your camera's RTSP URL, you can then use our RTSP URL tester to test it!  If the tester says that our servers can pull video from your camera then you'll just send your RTSP URL over to us at and we'll get your camera streaming!

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