How do I create a playlist for my web camera streams?

Video playlists are easily created within our Dashboard and come as a free service with your Brownrice web camera accounts. 

Things you can do with playlists: You can run video advertisements before, during, or after your web cam video. You can run a video advertisement every 5 minutes in the middle of your live webcam video (i.e.  like youtube does.) You can play all of your web cams in one video player and have each run for 10 seconds before switching to the next, and then repeat. You can also run a favorite timelapse video, then a video advertisement, then transition into your live webcam video. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Here's how to create a playlist and embed it in your web site, or share it with a link:

  • Login to
  • Click Streaming -> Playlist Editor (<- Blue button on right side of screen)
    • Note:  You must have more than one Streaming service in order to use playlists
  • Click  Create New Playlist  (<- Green button)
  • Name your playlist anything you like.  i.e. "Video ad pre-roll with live streams"
  • Cick the + Add Stream button
  • Click on the name of the video stream
  • Select the first video that you want to add to your playlist.
    • Depending on the stream type you'll be able to select from Livestream, Timelapses, Recordings or Video on Demand
  • Click the + Add Stream button to add more videos to your playlist.
  • Once you've arrainged the playlist order, set the duration of the streams, and added any captions that you'd like, press the Save Playlist button then the Test Playlist button to view your playlist.
  • While watching your playlist click the Embed Code link to get the code to embed this playlist into your web site and also retrieve the Simple View link to send the playlist to friends, customers, and embed on social media.

Note:  In order to use video advertisements in your playlists you'll need to sign up for a Brownrice Video on Demand service.  This is a $9.95 per month service which allows you to upload and easily embed as many vidoes as you like.


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