How do I record my webcam video?

Your webcam video can be recorded 24 hours per day.  This feature is disabled by default as there can be storage fees involved (your first 1GB of storage is free, then its $1 per 20GB there after.)  Most cameras cost about 33 cents per day for video recording storage.  i.e.  If you choose to have us store video for one camera for 3 days the monthly cost will typically be about $1.00 US. 

To enabled video recording for your camera do this:

  1. Login to
  2. Click Streaming -> yourwebcam Manage -> Recordings
  3. Click the Enable Recordings button


Your video will immediately start being recorded. You'll be able to view your first video when the intial segment time is over.  i.e.  If the video segment duration is set to 10 minutes your videos will automatically show up in the dashboard every 10 minutes.  This is a setting that can be changed by you at any time.

To change the number of days that we store your video you'll change the Automatically delete videos older than XX days setting to something else. 

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