What are the best settings for live video streaming?


Here are the settings that we feel work best and ensure that your live video stream will support all mobile devices (Android and iOS) as well as all desktop computers using HTML5 and Flash technologies:




  • Speeds: We recommend at least 712MB upload internet connection.  Test it at www.speedtest.net (we're a test speedtest.net test server).  However, much lower upload speeds will also work - such as a cell phone connection - as long as you lower the bitrate and frame rate settings in your video encoder and accept that your live video may not be as crisp (bitrate) and smooth (frame rate).
  • Desktop Encoder: On a deskop computer you can encode your live video stream with the Adobe Live Media Encoder (free) or Wirecast (not free but adds tons of professional features, such as transitions and multiple camera support.)
  • Mobile Encoder: You can shoot live video and encode it using an Android or iOS device.  We recommend that Wowza GoCoder application for iOS.


Once you've decided on an encoder, here are the encoder settings that we recommend.


  • Video settings:
    • Format: H.264
    • Frame Rate: 20 fps (can adjust this up or down depending on upload speeds)
    • Input Size:  720x480 (adjust this to match the size of your video and Brownrice video player)
    • Bit Rate:  500Kps is a good place to start but can be adjusted up or down.
      • If video is choppy or lags more than a few seconds behind real-time lower the Frame Rate and Bit Rate until problems go away. 
  • Audio settings:
    • Format:  AAC (must select AAC to ensure iOS and Android support)
    • Channels: Mono (but can switch to stereo if you are using a stereo audio capture device)
    • Sample rate: 11025 (not an important setting)
    • Bit rate: 20 Kpbs (not an important setting)

If you haven't already been set up with your server-side settings to get your stream working, then contact us and we'll get you set up!  

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