How do I configure Outlook on Windows 10 for email?

Microsoft Office Outlook (office365) for Windows 10:

Step One:
Open Outlook by opening your task bar and searching for "outlook", then clicking the application:

Step Two:
Click the "File" dropdown menu, then select "Add account":

Step Three:

Enter your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS, select "Advanced options", then select "Let me setup my account manually":

Step Four:
Select "IMAP" as the service type on the Advanced Setup menu:

Step Five:

  • In both Incoming and Outgoing server fields, type in""
  • Make sure that port 143 is selected for the incoming server, and port 25 is selected for outgoing.
  • Set your Encryption method to "None"
  • Also make sure the Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) box in unchecked.
  • Click Next

That's it!  Outlook should now be setup and fully functional.

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