How do add my Gmail address book to Brownrice Webmail?


To enable your Gmail address book so that its available to you in Brownrice webmail you'll need to modify your Gmail security settings.  Here's how you do it:

  • Login to your Google security settings page:
  • Select "View all" under the "Account permissions" area
  • Select "Manage application-specific passwords"
  • You'll now need to set up a new application-specific password
    • In the "Enter a name to help you remember..." box enter Brownrice Webmail
    • Click the generate password button
    • Make this password screen is available to you for the next step!  (i.e.  Don't close the browser window)
  • Login to Brownrice Webmail your email username and password
  • Select Settings -> Address Book
  • At the bottom of the Address Book screen enter your full gmail email address.  e.g.
  • Copy and paste your new Application-specific gmail password (the one you saved above) into the Google password box
  • Click Save.
  • Click Logout.
  • Log back into Brownrice webmail.
  • Your Gmail addressbook should now be available to you in Brownrice webmail.  If its not, log out and log back in one more time.
  • Done.

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