What email server names, ports, and encryption can I use with my email program?

Full email program setup instructions are here: https://support.brownrice.com/content/3/1/en/what-are-my-email-server-settings.html.   However, if you are looking for our support of specific ports and protocals we've got them listed below:

Non-encrypted connections:

  • SMTP use: mail.brownrice.com and port 25
  • IMAP use: mail.brownrice.com and port 143
  • POP/POP3 use: mail.brownrice.com and port 110

Use these protocols and ports if you'd like to encrypt the connection between your email program and our servers (recommended):

  • SMTP with STARTTLS use: mail.brownrice.com and port 587
  • SMTP with TLS/SSL use: mail.brownrice.com and port 465
  • IMAP with STARTTLS use: mail.brownrice.com and port 143
  • IMAP with TLS/SSL use: mail.brownrice.com and port 993
  • POP: We don't support secure POP accounts and highly recommend that all email be configured as IMAP accounts.
Please note that using the ports and protocols above will encrypt your email connection between our servers and your email program but this does not make your email secure!  Once the email leaves our servers it travels across the internet in plain text.  Bottom line:  Email is NOT secure so don't email sensitive data!

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