How do I change the document root for my website?

What is the Document-Root?

This is the directory where your site lives, and where you should put your index.php or index.html file. The default settings are as follows:

For the main site ( in this example):


for any subdomians of that site ( in this example):


How can I change my website's document-root?

This can be done through the Brownrice Dashboard! Steps:

  1. Click 'VPSs' then 'Mange' next to your VPS.
  2. Click 'Websites'
  3. Scroll to your website, and click (edit) next to the Document Root.
  4. Type in a directory name and click 'Save'.  Note that if the directory doesn't exist, clicking 'Save' will also create the directory automatically.
  5. Important: You will also need to change the document-root for the two SSL versions of your site (www and without www.)
That's it, you're done!

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